Number 3

Age: Mid 20's

Body type: Very slim, small natural breasts

Description:Low level of spoken English. Has settled in very well since starting with us recently. She has a quiet personality but a professional approach to pleasing her customers. I can say though, that she is by far the busiest new lady we have ever had, practically she just sat down he first time and she has hardly ever got a rest. We have to tell her to go home and we have to make her stop working. I would not say it is due to amazing service its just she looks so cute.

Chrome Bar recommendation level: 8.5/10

All in house services and if taken out enjoys restaurants but not western food.

Number 50

Age: Early to mid 20s

Body type: Medium Skin tone, medium chest, medium to tall height.

Description: Medium level English. Has a very unique face most enigmatic and a work style to go with it. She is not what I would call the normal lady for this type of job. Smart, quite, cool and calm. I would suggest the a good lady for a first visit. She will not throw anything at you out of the ordinary maybe great for a shy customer. This is her first time in this type of job but has no issues getting to work well. Always very well presented both in clothes and make up. I would like to add her englshyis yes ok but she is not a big talker but she makes up for it with her service style

Chrome bar recommendation level 8.1/10

Can be taken out, works on her own when taken out likes to stay in all night.

Number 4

Age: Mid 20's

Body type: Medium to dark Skin tone, medium chest, medium height.

Description: Low to medium English, ok experience. Has worked in other massage places. Been quite good no issues from customer point of view, get repeat customers which is a good sign. Cool calm and collective style lady. Seems to enjoy working for us and is nice to chat to in general. I would not recommend being rough with her.

Chrome bar recommendation level 7.3/10

Can be taken out, works on her own not with other ladies when taken out likes to stay in the room with the customer, eat room service etc..

Number 35

Age: late 20's

Body type: Medium height, medium build, medium skin, medium nice shaped natural chest.

Description: Medium to good fun English

All sound medium so far yes? well that's where the medium stops. I would put this girl as one of the best service girls I have met. Now that does not mean she wings from the roof and dancing and does things that no one else has ever done. To be honest, its all pretty vanilla in that area but, and here is the but, she just has this way of just making you have a good time, it makes no sense, she just looks at you with those eyes, or she says some funny line or just presses some buttons that men (and women in the room) and couples and anyone that pays just has. I think its voodoo magic or something. Don't know don't care don't want to care it works.

Chrome bar recommendation level: 9.2/10.

Offers all in house services and can be taken out. Being lively she enjoys all night time activities.

Number 39

Annie's Bangkok model
Age: Mid 20's

Body Type: Dark skin, sim build, small chest short, very well maintained athletic body, Annie's pocket rocket.

Description: More new ladies. Great English, great service, smart, elegant, really knows the work. Tiny short slim little devil. Came in say one and takes a load of the regathers over to her and brought her regular customers from another place with her. A real super star that should not he missed. Cheeky and fun from the start. Enjoys the job and has fun all the time. Hurry up and take her before she finds a suitor.

Chrome Bar score 8.9/10 Loves to be taken out late and night and go party.

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Number 8

Annie's soapy staff

Age: Mid 20's

Body Type: medium skin tone, Small nice shape natural chest, medium to tall in height, slim build, cut shape very toned.

Description: Medium English but general not a big talker at first, very nice and sweet service style, hard working lady, dose not smile a lot, professional to the last. Offers good soapy and good general service. All Annie's standards. perfect skin, perfect height, no fat, nothing to fault and good service. Has worked for us for a long time already, but did not want pictures on the internet now changed her mind. She dose not seem to have regaulr customers which can be taken as a sign of not good service but we ask and all customers including regulars for Annie's that give us very direct feedback say she is great. If she could just get those regular bookings she would shoot through the ranks maybe now she has pictures on our the site this will happen.

Chrome Bar score 8.3/10

Works with some ladies if taken out likes bars clubs and live music.

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Number 2

Age: Mid twenties

Body type: Medium build, white skin, medium chest.

Description: Very conscientious when it comes to taking care of her customers. Has now worked for us for over a year but only just said ok to pictures and has a respectable number of repeat customers. Medium to low spoken English but this is quite normal for a conscientious lady, her actions are what bring her customers back (which there are many of) not the words. Her score is a little but lower not for a bad reason really, it is that she is like a box with a ring in it. You have got to open in, once you do the fact is wow whats inside, the issue is still the opening of it. Some ladies its look here is a ring, this lady needs that nice little "hello" and it will be "well heeeeellllloooooo"

Chrome bar recommendation level: 7.4/10

Offers all in house services and is very flexible regarding being taken out. Enjoys a wide variety of night time activities.

Number 55

Age: late 20'

Body type: light skin, medium to small natural chest, medium to tall in height, medium build, soft.

Description: Her looks are quite different and maybe this is why she wanted her face blocked out on the pictures. Unlike a lot of Thai ladies she has very small eyes, very small lips and pale skin, almost western but she is 100% Thai looking at the same time. Has English, good service style, works well, nice killer smile, but because of her unusual features she can look a bit strong in the face but she is not a strong lady like that. Offers good Nuru and good general service. All Chrome bar standards. Quite busy even though she is not the most pretty, nice skin, no big negatives. She dose not get customers because she is beautiful she gets them because she looks very different but in a nice way, like caty in a way "feline".

Chrome bar recommendation level level 8.2/10

Works with some staff if taken out likes to stay in.

Number 1

Age: Mid 20's

Body type: Medium height, white skin, medium chest, medium to shaped build.

Description: Improving to medium English, good service, Is normally not a talker but customers say when she is in the she talks more. Not recommended for take outs, nice for in house 2 hours. Even though we do have a few larger ladies this girl seems to get chosen by guys that like a bit extra in the weight department.

Chrome bar recommendation level 8.4/10

Works with other ladies. not recommended for taking out.

Please below pictures and information of a few of our ladies. I am sure you understand that not many ladies wish for there pictures to be used for internet reasons. Added to this the ladies that do have there pictures on the website will get booked more quickly and are more busy. Please do not send e-mails asking for more pictures of the ladies below or even asking for pictures of ladies that are not on the website, reason being all the pictures we have are already on the website. If you have specific service questions that are of a more private service nature please e-mail us direct.

Number 99

ChromeBar model
Age: Young youngest 20's

Body Type: Dark to medium skin, well shaped small chest natural, short, very well maintained semi athletic body, slim build but not skinny.

Description: This is not a bad thing to wrote but this is a tough young lady. This job is not for everyone but the younger lady is the more difficult it an be. From day one a professional from start to end. She is a top 5 lady from day 1. Has had one very very small issue which is my opinion was not an issue and just a, "she needs how to lean how we work here" once it was fixed everything is perfect. Quite, polite, not very outgoing. She does work quite, there is no soft soft nice talk so if GFE is your thing I am not saying don't but do not expect something amazing in this area. She relies a lot of on her looks and her age. I recommend booking to see her now as she is very busy. Her pictures do not show her 100 how she looks in real life but very close. Her English is not great but good enough for yiour time.

Hard working lady, presentational, polite. Offers ok soapy. Customers have not said anything not good and has many repeat clients.

Chrome bar score 8.6/10 We always suggest not taking out younger ladies

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Number 18

ChromeBar lady

Age: late 20's

Body Type: Tall by Thai ladies standards, fairly large natural breasts. White skin.

Description: Low level of spoken English.

Very Experienced in this industry and has built up quite a following of repeat customers and brought them with her (always a great thing for and and a massive great sign for the regulars here) She is mid level talkative even though low English as in she gives it a try, I would not say that she will take you by storm more of a gentle build up to the storm., what's funny customers go up, up tight but come down the same, you now why? because on the way down they are like "wow!" I want to do that again. She must have something that we have not learned and she is not telling. So come over meet her and see what you think.

Chrome bar recommendation level: 8.6/10.

Offers all in house services and can be taken out. Being lively she enjoys all night time activities.

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Number 9

ChromeBar Soapy massage Bangkok staff

Age: Mid 20's

Body Type: Tall, medium skin, medium chest slim to medium build.

Description: Good English, friendly in the room customers always seem happy good to OK service. Offers all ChromeBar standards smart, mature head on a younger women. Professional approach to her work. Smart person. Educated.

Chrome bar score 8.2/10

Works with most other ladies as a pair plus offers some couple's service ask for details. If taken out enjoys visiting quite areas as or staying in.

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Number 10

Age: Early 20's

Body type: Very slim. Small natural breasts.

Description: White skin, very slim figure. Low level of English. Despite her quiet nature and young age her professional approach to her job and her customers has made her popular quickly and she already has several repeat customers. or 2nd most busy lady. I am pretty sure not much to do with service as she is very young its her very very very cute looks that carry her but not negative word said yet.

Chrome Bar recommendation level: 8.6/10

She is comfortable offering all in house services and happy to be taken out as well. Being young she is open to all kinds of entertainment.

number 38

Age: Young youngest young 20's

Body type: Dark to medium skin, well shaped small chest natural, short, typical young soft shape for her age.

Description: Well not much you can say above what you would expect for ChromeBar and a lady of her age. She is hard working though and has good fun around the other staff. She is shy and quite with customers outside but once in the room is open and fun in a controlled sort of way. If you like a young soft lady that takes everything a step at a time then she is for you. Low English but leaning. I am sure also once she has had more work time she will gain that stronger work style and more mature face if that is what you like.

Chrome bar score 7.5/10 If taken out likes to stay in or go it. (likes Thai food)